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What To Expect When Hiring Web Developers And Web Designers Sri Lanka

A lot of times, clients are not aware of the scope of work of a web designer Sri Lanka. As a leading website design company in Sri Lanka, RG Web Design Sri Lanka is dedicated to providing customers with a range of high-quality web solutions. These include everything from designing and development to content writing and web hosting. But many of our customers are not sure about what to expect or how far they can go when it comes to their expectations from web designers Sri Lanka. So we have put together information that can help you understand our scope of work as web designers and web developers.

  1. Conducting Exhaustive Research

Research is the foundation on which the rest of our project rests. This is why we consider this to be the most important part of our work. Once you tell us about your requirements, we will conduct research with respect to these requirements to build a good website. Our web designers Sri Lanka. This research helps us understand the following:

  • Existing website design trends in your industry
  • Successful strategies being used by competition websites
  • Global design trends suited for your business goals
  • Existing problems in your current website, if any
  • Identifying the target audience and their behavior
  1. Planning and Setting up Goals

With the help of our research, we are able to move to the next step of planning, where we try to align your business goals with a website design idea that will be most suitable for you. We try to understand the goals which you are trying to target through the website. It can be one or more of the following:

  • Getting more sales or conversions
  • Targeting new markets
  • Building a brand reputation
  • Creating an online presence

Depending on the goals you target, we will identify the most suitable ways of achieving these goals through our website design.

  1. Creating a Sitemap

A sitemap helps you visualize the information that will be present on your website. It usually looks like a flowchart. Sitemaps are basically used to understand navigation and the contents that will be placed on the website. It is not a design or a layout, but the basics of how many pages would there be, and which page would have what kind of information. This is the step where we organize navigation for your website. It must be smooth and consistent to make sure that your audience has a great experience on the website. 

  1. Choosing a theme or creating a layout

In this next step, your website begins to take visual form. You will now begin to see how your website can actually look. WordPress has endless themes to choose from and depending on the requirements that we understand, our team of web designers Sri Lanka will identify the themes which are most relevant for your business. These customizable themes would then be molded to suit your brand philosophies. 

  1. Including Personal Branding Elements

Once a theme is finalized, we move to the phase where our team of web designers starts giving it a personality which resonates with your brand. From picking a color palette to choosing fonts and using web design elements to meet your business goals, the web designer will carefully put together a website which is ideal for your brand. 

  1. Developing the website on WordPress

Web designers always work hand in hand with web developers to build high-quality websites which feature current design trends and use the latest technologies. While web designers mostly focus on the aesthetics, web developers will work to tweak what is under the hood. They would ensure that the website works smoothly and is optimized to load quickly and has adequate security measures to minimize risks. A good website is always built with several individuals working in unison using their intellect to achieve excellence in their project.


As one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we deal with several customers every day. Many of them think that building a website is a one-man task. But there is a lot more than goes into a website than just the design. This is why we have an experienced team of professionals who have deep knowledge of the industry and who excel in different areas of web solutions. We utilize their collective experience to provide high-quality services to our customers. If you have questions about web designing or the process of website building, then talk to us or leave a comment.