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Why Does Whitespace Matter? – Web Designers Sri Lanka Tips

Many website developers in Sri Lanka believe that whitespace plays a very big role in building a good web design. When we talk about whitespace, it means negative space. It is the space between different elements on a website. It is that part of the web page which is left unmarked like the space between visuals, side-lines and more. It is the space between different objects, texts, or other figures on a web page that provides visual breathing space for the eyes.

Whitespace is an important constituent of web design Sri Lanka for good reason. When it is used correctly, it can make a design look revitalized and provide many benefits to your website. We at RG Web Design, the leading web development agency in Sri Lanka deliver and develop web designs that are attractive, easy on the eyes, and make people want to stay on your website and keep reading or browsing.

Advantages of Using Whitespace

  1. It increases the legibility of the content

When users are visiting your website, they should be able to see what they are doing and where they are going. They would need clarity of the content to continue reading on your website. When you have space between texts, graphics, and other elements on the web page, it becomes easy for users to understand what they are reading and it helps in improving their overall experience on your website. It means they would come back for more and it would only add up to a superior user experience on the whole.

  1. It helps in establishing and improving the interaction between users and the website

Many online users have very little patience and if one website is not working for them, they move onto the next option in mere seconds. Visitors always seem to be in a hurry when they are browsing through websites, and when you have a good amount of whitespace, it will increase their visibility of the content. Thus, it will increase interaction between visitors and the website by stopping distractions that can slow down the visitors’ browsing and affect their experience.

  1. You can make things look bigger

Every so often, the most noticeable way to make something stick out is to make things look bigger. When you have sufficient whitespace, you can use bigger images on your website to attract the attention of the users. It would look more attractive with a clear background and users won’t be distracted by other content too close to the image which can foil the overall visual of the image. You can also make the buttons or links look bigger and better. So that your visitors would be able to find them easily and continue browsing through your website with ease. It can make your website look more user-friendly and welcoming.

  1. Your website would look notable and impressive

Usually, the first impression always matters, whether it is in an online or offline world. Same goes for your website as well. The first impression of your website could affect the user experience, lead generation, conversion rate, and more. Great layouts, good color arrangements, brilliant graphics, eye-catching and readable texts, etc., all these elements help in making a website impressive and distinguished and a website with smartly laid out whitespace would indicate subtlety, resourcefulness, and creativeness.

Whitespace does not make your website look plain and minimalistic. Provided that you correctly use whitespace, it will certainly add a sense of sophistication and eminence to your website. Our team of web designers at RG Web Design, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka can give you a very smart and extraordinary website for your business.

  1. A better balance in the website layout and other elements

It is important that you use the whitespace in your website in a balanced manner. Too little whitespace can lead to confusion, inefficiency, and untrustworthiness. These are the qualities that you don’t want visitors to associate with your website. On the other hand, if there is too much whitespace, it could lead the visitors to believe that you do not have the quality content or cannot maintain a website skillfully. The key is to find a sense of balance in your website design and use the whitespace as a great web designing tool to get the best layout for your website to provide easy accessibility and better-quality user experience.

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