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Web designing company in Sri Lanka – Benefits of Images For A Website

Having a website for your business is a great way to promote your business. There are various things you can add to your website to make it look attractive. Adding images is one of those things. It will increase the appeal of your website. As the best web design company in Sri Lanka, at RG Web Design, we can help you get what is best for your website.

Images for your website can do so much more than just being a pretty picture. Images can include photographs, cartoons, infographics, cartoons, GIFs and more. When efficiently used, images can increase your website traffic and eventually helping you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of using images on your website

  1. Your website is likely to get more views

With nicely added images, you can increase the chances of getting more visitors to your website. Users always get attracted to attractive looking websites. Images can make your website look very appealing and engaging. You can use it to your advantage and drive more online users to our website.

  1. Adding images to your product or service description can increase the charm

When you add images with your products or services, it can increase the appeal of your offerings. Images on your website are like a teller of tales, allowing the visitors to envisage themselves using your product or service. Researches have also shown that the human brain is more prone to identify the images. Usually, people don’t like reading long texts when things could be understood by looking at an image. So adding images can make your visitors want to stay. Choose photos that represent positive outlook emotions and make sense for the people. It would help you improve your conversion rates.

  1. Helps your website appears on the search engine results

Images are very useful when it comes to SEO. If your images are labeled appropriately with search-friendly titles and descriptions, it will increase the chances of your website appearing in the top search engine results. That way, your website content can appear in both, web search results and image search results. It will also increase the probability of online users clicking on your website results. That means more views and maybe more leads.

  1. Images can be used to promote your website and business on social media

If you have great images for your website, it can play a vital role in spreading the good word about your business on various social media platforms. You can encourage your viewers to share your images and content on their social media accounts. Social media users are more likely to interact with posts with images. Social media posts with images have greater engagement rates as compared to posts with only texts. So as to get the major social lift from your website images, make it easier for online users to share your content on social media by adding quick-access social media platform buttons like for Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your website.

As one of the result-orientedonline marketing companies in Sri Lanka, our team at RG Web Design can deliver you the best services for your SEO campaigns.

  1. You can get more response from your target audience

Striking and notable images will lure the visitor to share them on social media. When your images will get more response and social media interactions, it means that the search engines like Google will count those interactions to provide a rank to your pages and also give search engine ranking.

  1. Helps in supporting your idea

With the right image, you can not only grab the attention of the users but also convey your ideas in a more effective manner. While the right image can be fascinating to the viewers, it can also add true value and a real understanding to your posts. Furthermore, users will be more involved if they can find a picture that is interesting, unique, and related to the topic or industry they are looking for. The viewer would definitely want to stay and have a better look at the image and think about why you chose it for your post or product. You can use images to introduce new topics. If it is compelling enough, your audience will give more time to the text as well.

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