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Web designing sri lanka – Tips For Website Typography

If you get things right, typography can be used as a very incredibly powerful tool to attain one of the best web design in Sri Lanka. The main purpose of typography in a web design project is to honor the content by encouraging users to read it. Ultimately, the basic fact is that the correct typographic choice mirrors the specific needs of the project itself. These needs include both technical and functional elements. When online users scroll through your website content or drop-down menu, it is important that the legibility is high when reading paragraphs and font size is large enough to read when they touch the menu.

Given below are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you choose the different font size, color, style and the overall design for your website content. We at RG Web Design, the best web design company in Sri Lanka, will make sure that you get what you are looking for your website.

  1. Using too many fonts can be a mistake

Undoubtedly, there are many options when it comes to choosing a font for your website. So you might be tempted to pick more than one font for your website. But don’t give in to your temptation. Using over two different fonts can make a mess the organization of your web designing Sri Lanka and also make it look unprofessional and inappropriate. It is important that you keep the content all through your website pages consistent and user-friendly.  Furthermore, when you are choosing two fonts, they must be complimenting each other and make your content look welcoming and attractive.

  1. Your website typography must be synchronized with your brand image

When you choose a font for your website, it must go hand-in-hand with your brand’s distinctiveness and character that you want your target customers to see. If you want to create a traditional image for your brand, choose the basic fonts that are already working in the world of web design Sri Lanka like Verdana, Times New Roman and so on. In other cases, if you want to give a contemporary or forward-looking look for your website and brand, choose a font style with crisp designs and little qualities that resemble unique or informal designs. Most of the times, informal style can suit personal or creative website blogs. Based on the purpose of creating a website and what your business or brand represents, choose your font style.

  1. Make sure to write concise and that the spacing is appropriate

Nobody likes to read the text that seems to go on endlessly. Similarly, when you read a very long paragraph, it is not exactly a pleasant or exciting experience, no matter how interesting the content is. To make it easy for the users to read your content, be conscious of the number of words and characters you are using in a sentence. Web development Sri Lanka is not just about designing websites for desktop, internet access through mobile is also increasing every day.

When you are designing a website and choosing the font style for your website, it is important to consider how it would look on small screens. Also, ensure your content can be read easily by adding enough space between each line and paragraph. It will make your content look neat, well-organized, and professional.

  1. Writing in the capital is not always nice-looking

When preparing content for your web design SriLanka, writing in all caps is not exactly an attractive trait. It is for when you are texting your friends on social media or mobile chats. It is fine when you are using capitalizing the words for abbreviations or logos. Usually, capitalized words are used when you are trying to press a point to readers, almost like you are shouting at them to agree with your point. However, when it comes to actual reading, capitalizing the words can look very unattractive. Most users won’t even read the complete content to understand the point you are trying to make.

  1. To have the right color combination is very important

If the color combination is not right and soothing for eyes, it can make it difficult for your users to read the content. When deciding on a color for your font, don’t make it very similar to the background of your website. Use the color, in contrast, to making the readability easier. Like, don’t pick a light color for the text to be used on a white background. Similarly, don’t use dark, dull colors on a black background.