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Does Your Website Need A Chatbot?

At RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we are continually looking at new technologies that can affect existing and new website designs. One such evolving technology which is affecting web designing Sri Lanka is chatbots. There are lots of reasons why a company should use a chatbot, but there are also a few things that you should figure out before installing a chatbot on your website. Since chatbots require keen management skills, regular updates and involve installation costs that may run high, you must be able to answer the question: “Does your website need a chatbot?”

We asked our developers and freelance web designers in Sri Lanka about their thoughts for a pragmatic approach towards this question. We also looked into our client insights to understand their reasons for installing chatbots and here are a few things that can help you take the right decision:

  1. Why are chatbots getting so much attention?

Chatbots helps a business tend to customer complaints without any restriction of time, day or date. As a result, your customers will be able to talk to a chatbot and resolve queries even while you are sleeping. This can considerably reduce the problem of prompt customer service for small businesses who may not be able to hire lots of employees as customer service representatives.

Chatbots are usually of these two types:

  • AI-based chatbots – These have the ability to learn and regularly update their knowledge base. They have a better understanding of human responses and are more effective in increasing user experience.
  • Fixed chatbots – These chatbots have a fixed set of answers for the questions your users may ask. These answers are fed into the chatbot’s data and are used for its interactions. Consequentially, they cannot handle questions of all kinds.

Our web design company in Sri Lanka urges customers to use AI chatbots because of their ability to handle queries more effectively.

  1. Will the chatbot be secure enough for sharing confidential data?

A lot of the e-commerce websites in Sri Lanka may use chatbots which end up collecting sensitive user information to complete a request. This can include the customer’s credit card details, name, address, email address and other personal information that is a part of private and confidential data.

As a leading web development company in Sri Lanka, we consider security to be subjective. Chatbots are designed as secure tools. But the overall security of the data it acquires will mostly depend on the extent of security used by your website and business.

  1. Where will it get the data from?

Every chatbot requires a data source which will be used to acquire knowledge. Your business will already have lots of information that must be used by the chatbot for its conversations. This data has to be carefully labeled and organized for the chatbot to be able to quickly and easily access necessary information.

Poorly put together data or insufficient data can reduce user experience with chatbots and can impact your business reputation. Chatbots must be trained regularly to analyze conversations, effectively access information, recognize sentiments and make conversations less machine-like. As a company that handles web designing Sri Lanka, we help our clients identify the various data sources which can be used for good chatbot experience.

If you own a hotel then in addition to training data for your chatbot, you will also have to provide the chatbot access to real-time hotel information. This will help the bot tell customers about room availability, current pricing, existing deals or offers, etc.

  1. How can I access customer-chatbot conversations?

All conversations are usually stored in the cloud. So you can easily access chatbot conversations by visiting the cloud website or application which stores information for your chatbot.

  1. Is it worth the cost?

Finally, you must analyze the impact of installing and using a chatbot and compare it with current user experience. If you feel that a chatbot will be able to help you cater to a larger audience and may improve profitability for your business, then you should definitely consider using one. But if a chatbot will only add to the cost and may not be worthwhile for your business at this time, then you can forgo the chatbot and continue business as usual. As a leading web development company in Sri Lanka, we urge all our clients to consider the overall advantages and disadvantages before they proceed to using a chatbot on their website.


Chatbots are very handy and futuristic too. But they are still not developed to the extent where a business can install a chatbot without incurring huge expenses. Managing a chatbot will require insight about its working. This can come from machine learning blogs and tutorials, but it is only possible if you have adequate time for it. Otherwise, you may have to rely on a developer or a website development company for it.