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Web Designing- Tips For A Successful Web Design

Web presence is a must in this internet era to reach the goal quickly. So, we all tend to build a website with quality content to attract customers. But, remember that, it is not only the eye-catching design and quality content; rather, there are many more aspects to take into account. The website should be such which can complement the above two factors. It should be able to answer most of the questions of the audiences hassle-free. And a highly professional website design company in Sri Lanka can guide you regarding this perfectly. Our service is designed to fit all kind of customer’s need. We understand their kind of product and business and promise to build the website according to that.

Here are some useful tips for a successful web design. Have a read and it will make things much simpler for you.

Useful tips for successful website design:

Speed should be the first priority:

Faster the website, you are less likely to lose audiences in the first impression. The website should be designed in such a way that has the best speed. Customers are not ready to wait at all. Speed is definitely one of the most important factors on which everything depends a lot. For example, the revenue, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. are dependent on the website speed. So, do not hesitate to invest to offer the best speed to your website. And our web design company Sri Lanka, ensures to make your website way faster.

The homepage should be minimalistic and clutter-free:

The homepage should be neat, clean and minimalistic to attract customers. The more clutter the homepage, the audiences will lose their interest. Remember that the audiences have only an attention span of 8 seconds. So, you need to create an impression to convey them the main point. The content should not be too long. It should be short, exact and valuable. Call-to-action and texts are important. But, break them in sub-headings. Also, remove stuff like complex animation, Stocky website images and long content. Rather add images, icons and valuable content which is clear and concise.

Leverage the fold:

It is still a long debate regarding the part of fold in a successful web design. While some say that fold does not matter at all in the multitude of screen size these days, some others say that fold actually plays an important role. But it is good to give this fold an importance. And this is why you should prioritize the content to use other available space perfectly. Here are some tips for that.

  • Use a very clear Describe what your business can do and add the benefits of the products using powerful keywords.
  • Include a clear and visible call-to-action. It definitely improves the chances of converting.
  • Finally, add media such as audio, video and images to engage and attract the audiences.

Apply Hick’s law:

As per hick’s law, more choices will lead to a longer time to take a decision by the customers. That is, you should limit the number of choices offered to the customers. There is a study conducted for this. And it was proved that people given more choices of jam ended up buying nothing while people offered fewer choices bought the jam.

So, what you should do here is:

  • Lessen the number of items offered
  • Focus on one call-to-action
  • Limit the form fields
  • A single page should have single goal

We, as a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, can guide you regarding this the best possible ways.

Use the right images:

It is suggested to include images of other people on the website. As a rule of thumb, people tend to connect to other people easily. And this rule is applicable everywhere, including real life and on the web as well. You can add images of the experienced people of your company or other important stuff. But, staying away from the stocky images is really vital. It will not make any sense and will lose the reality.

Anyways, if you have no option for real images, there are definitely ways to add stocky images that look real. Our staffs at website Design Company in Sri Lanka are highly professional and they can guide you better in this regard.


Disorganized or confusing navigation can lead to the destruction of your business. Navigation is a great part of the website and you should ensure that the navigation is really easy on your website that can easily take the audiences where they actually want to go.

Mobile optimization:

Finally, do not forget to make your website tailored for the smartphone. These days, 80% of the users are surfing the internet on the smartphone. So, if you want to reach the mass audiences soon, ensure to make the website mobile optimized.

For more help regarding the perfect website design, you can contact the RG web design Sri Lanka. We are always happy to serve our customers in the best possible ways.