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Importance of page loading speed

The loading speed of a page plays an important factor when it comes to customer experience as well as search optimization. Slow-loading pages are a big concern and can quickly turn your customers away to your competitors and one of the reasons for slow page loads is the images used on your website.

As a leading web design company in Sri Lanka, RG Web Design is dedicated to supporting clients to stay relevant and use modern technologies for their websites. And we have noticed that most websites are now prone to be image-heavy because of the importance of attracting readers through catchy visual graphics.

Our web designers continually face the challenge of maintaining a balance between using high resolution imagery and loading speed of the website. So here’s a look at web designing with respect to page loading speed:

Choosing The Right Design / Layout

Graphic heavy themes tend to take very long to load. At RG web design Sri Lanka, we look for attractive, lightweight themes that are perfectly balanced to meet the requirements of our clients with the help of careful customization.

Our team includes some of the best web designers in Sri Lanka who are dedicated towards improving customer experience by utilizing web solutions Sri Lanka, which can personalize a theme to be suitable for the audience and at the same time help the client get a satisfactory Return on Investment.

Optimizing Images

A light theme is effective only if the theme does not end up getting loaded with too many high resolution images. Since visually attractive websites require lots of graphics and photos, it is important to optimize these images to improve the page loading speed.

Images can be optimized manually by changing their resolution and choosing the right format. They can also be optimized automatically with the help of plugins. WordPress websites offer a variety of plugins which can help you optimize the images in order to reduce their size and improve the page loading speeds. As a web design expert in Sri Lanka, our team provides you with web designs that include optimized images which ensure that your web pages do not take time to load.

Excessive Plugins

Since your website relies on several plugins to function smoothly all the time, it is likely for you to lose sight of the number of plugins which your website uses and those that are not used at all. When our clients talk to us about redesigning existing pages, we often notice that some plugins had been unused for a very long time but reduce page loading speed because they were kept active.

Our web development team always suggests that you check for plugins that are not being used and then you must deactivate such plugins so that your page does not suffer from slow loading speed. If a feature heavy plugin is slowing down the page, then consider caching the plugin to make your theme lighter and cleaner.

Content Delivery Networks

One of the most popular web solutions Sri Lanka developers use for improving page loading speed is Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). By using CDN for your website, you will be able to store a copy of your website’s data on multiple servers. The CDN will access the data from the closest server location from the viewer’s access point. This helps the data reach the viewer quickly and reduces the overall time for loading the page.


An old but popular method of improving customer experience by loading the page quickly is through caching. When you store data in a cache, users who visit the website frequently will find that the data loads quickly because the initial loading process is bypassed. In most cases, caching is placed automatically to help you improve customer experience. WordPress users have the option of using plugins like WP Super Cache to easily store the data.

Testing You Website’s Page Loading Speed :

In addition to proprietary algorithms and tools, our team of web designing experts rely on Google Page Insights to check the page loading speed of a website. It is Google’s official tool for testing and analysing page speed. With the help of this tool, you will be able to easily check for areas of your website that require your attention.

The testing tool will show you recommendations that you can carry out to turn your website lighter and improve page loading speeds. With the help of this tool, anyone can identify the elements which are slowing down the website.