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When you are planning to set up a website for your business or blog, it is most likely that you will hire a web developer to do the job for you. One question that often comes up in such a scenario is how to find a web developer who will be able to live up to the mark. As an agency with some of the sharpest and most talented web developers in Sri Lanka, we feel that a lot of factors come into consideration. We spoke to our team of web developers to understand their methods and to find out how they are able to keep up in a competitive market. Here’s what we found out:

Hanging out on popular forums for developers

Developer forums are an interesting place to learn about new technologies, share personal projects and even get help for projects where you are unable to make progress. Developers often use these forums as the first place to test new technologies or to find answers for existing problems.

By reaching out to each other, developers are able to learn about global issues faced by developers and also find solutions by teaming up with each other. As a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, we encourage our web developers to collaborate and regularly communicate with other developers on popular forums in order to stay current with technologies, and techniques.

Researching the latest web standards

While forums play an important role, these are not the only place from where information about new technologies will be available. Web developers in Sri Lanka are aware of the amount of competition in the market. This is why they must always stay updated on the latest web standards to make sure that their web solutions are competitive in the market.

Web development in Sri Lanka has a big market. Our team of web developers relentlessly research and learn about the latest web standards to provide high quality results to our customers.

Freedom to work remotely

With new technologies making it possible for teams to work remotely, web developers have been able to enjoy greater freedom and have also been able to show greater productivity. Our team of web developers in Sri Lanka have the opportunity to work remotely. Many of our web developers feel that their ability to provide high quality work comes from the fact that they have the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle which does not limit them to the desk for a set period of time.

Setting a pace for their work

A lot of web developers felt that strict timelines can reduce the quality of their work. While the need for a specific time for project completion makes sense, tightening their pace of work to churn out more projects can be taxing for the developers and may lead to an oversight in certain areas of the project.

Working with the latest applications

It is always important for web developers to have the ability to work with the latest applications. While some web development companies in Sri Lanka may feel that it is better to stick to tried and tested platforms only, we believe in working with the latest applications to create websites which are relevant and use the latest technologies.

As mobile development becomes the new reality, our web developers in Sri Lanka continually research and learn about hybrid applications which are being used by developers around the world. They find it exciting to learn about these hybrid applications which are starting to become more popular than regular web applications.

Identifying and overcoming challenges in existing technologies

Interestingly, our web developers are greatly motivated by the challenges they face in current technologies. They continually try to find solutions which can effectively bridge the gap created by these challenges and they often approach these challenges as a team. It helps them grow collectively and also creates a collaborative work environment where everyone feels included.

By identifying and overcoming problems in current applications or coding systems, web developers in Sri Lanka also learn about flaws that can be avoided in future applications or systems.

Team Dynamics

Needless to say, the team plays a very important role in most business verticals. Web developers usually work together with graphic designers, web designers and creative writers to produce quality results. Their work alone may not be complete or may not be an adequate solution unless it is combined with the work of the rest of the team.

Additionally, every web developer may not have complete knowledge about all web technologies. They usually work with a team where all knowledge is pooled in to provide outstanding results. They feel that the right team dynamics play a big role in producing quality results. As RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we provide our web developers in Sri Lanka with the right team dynamics.