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Infinite Scrolling – Advantages and Disadvantages

At RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we continually look at new trends and try to identify the ways in which it can impact our work and our customers. One common design trend that has had a substantial impact in the world of website design is infinite scrolling. It has been more than a year that designers have been using this design trend, and it seems to have increased in popularity and found a large audience. But like most design trends, infinite scrolling has its own pitfalls. As a leading web development company in Sri Lanka, our team looked into the advantages and disadvantages of this design trend.

What is infinite scrolling?

It is a web-designing technique where the entire website appears to exist on a single page. All you have to do is keep scrolling to go through one section after the other about the website and its contents. This trend has evolved mostly because of mobile users who find it easy to scroll through a one-page website than to look for a navigation bar or use a drop-down menu to go to another page.

Advantages of infinite scrolling

  1. It can improve customer retention

As one of the best web development companies in Sri Lanka, we have a huge team of developers and freelance web designers in Sri Lanka. We continually receive inputs from them about the performance of various websites and this helps us analyze the effectiveness of various design trends. Infinite scrolling turns out to be very effective in retaining customers on the website.

This is possibly because of the continuity of pages which makes content appear continually and in a smooth manner for the customers to go through. With a good design and impactful content, infinite scrolling can be helpful in reducing early abandonments.

  1. Works excellently for mobile and other touch screen users

Now that we all know that most of your audience will be accessing your website through a mobile phone or a touchscreen device, it is important not just to make the design responsive but also to adapt it for the phone users. Infinite scrolling makes it possible for touch screen users to easily go through content without continually reaching out for a hamburger menu on the homepage or looking for links to other pages.

  1. Can be great for websites with lots of visual content

Most users would choose to scroll down your website if they find compelling visuals related to the industry or topic. When you use high-quality photos to communicate with your audience, infinite scrolling can be a great design to consider. Word-heavy websites can also utilize infinite scrolling by including visual content in regular intervals to break away from the monotony of continuous reading.

Disadvantages of infinite scrolling

  1. Analytics can be a concern

As a website owner, you would tend to look for the areas of concern on a website by tracking your audience’s footprints on your website. This is very easy when your audience is clicking on specific buttons to take them to another page or section of your website. But it can be particularly difficult to analyze where the problem was when all you have is one long page where the customer keeps scrolling before they decide to exit from the site.

  1. Navigation and Saving Bookmarks can be difficult

A lot of web developers Sri Lanka have found it challenging to create a robust navigation system for websites with infinite scrolling. Since the classic navigation menu is often absent in such designs, navigation may become tricky. Even customers may not be able to easily bookmark a particular section of the website. All of this has to be carefully analyzed and considered by the web development team in order to provide quality customer experience. 

  1. Page loading speeds may get impacted

A major drawback for websites that feature infinite scrolling is that the page loading speed can be impacted. Sometimes the customer may even suffer from page crashes. This can hamper overall customer experience and impact your brand reputation. Our team of website developers in Sri Lanka, take the time to create infinite scrolling websites which can load easily for customers and where the chances of the page crashing is minimized.


Infinite scrolling is futuristic in its ideology since it targets touch screen users, but there are some drawbacks which can reduce customer experience on these websites. When choosing infinite scrolling for your website, make sure that these disadvantages can be reduced as much as possible.