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Do you want a high-class website and are looking for an expert web developer ? In that case, you have reached the right destination. We are one of the leading website developers in Sri Lanka, who have been offering services for more than two decades. Our web development experts in Sri Lanka offer services for the creation of your website from scratch. Your website will be tailored to match your specific web development needs. Your website will be built on one of the top open-source, secure, user-friendly CMS like Joomla, WordPress, or Shopify. Not only this, the functionality of these platforms will be modified using plugins to satisfy your needs.

Before getting our hands on building your website, we will work closely with you to gather data about your requirements and business needs. This information will then be converted into a website. Along with designing appearance and texts of your website, our web development services will also focus on making your business site’s interface world-class.

If you want to increase your customers through digital marketing, improve awareness of your product, decrease time on phone calls, increase business sales and profit, reduce your business’s conventional marketing costs, expand your customer base and open customer services for 24/7, then developing a business website is a befitting choice. Rg Web development services can provide these benefits by creating a world-class website for your business.

Our Team

RG web design team consists of highly experienced and skilled Web developers who have been doing web development in Sri Lanka. We like to take up projects which are challenging, require thorough reflection, and help us to improve our technical skills. We perform each task with the best of our abilities and to the maximum of customer satisfaction.

What do we offer?

  1. High-Quality Website at Lower Cost

If you want a high-quality website at a reasonable cost than RG Web Design Company presents a great solution to your needs. Our large experience of web development in Sri Lanka will assist in building superior personalized web experiences for your customers. We use long-term secure technologies and frameworks which are being utilized by the top-ranked websites of the world. While developing your website, we take great care in building your website with the long-term vision. We assign our projects to teams that fully understand the importance of your company’s development and marketing needs.

  1. SEO Services

We, being an SEO Company in Sri Lanka, offer high-quality online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our clients to provide them efficient digital marketing solution.

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction – Our Priority

During the course of our web development project, we take a keen interest in satisfying our customer requirements. At the initial stage, we take complete note of our client needs and project requirements based on our analysis. Then, we develop a template for the website using UI elements, color schemes, and typography based on branding needs and our analysis and design research. This template is presented to our customer for any modifications or recommendations if he wants.

Subsequently, our quality assurance team conducts tests to ensure that each feature of the website is working properly and according to the expectation. After that, when our client is 100pc satisfied with the appearance and outlook of the website, we proceed to shape the remaining part of the website. This procedure ensures 100pc client satisfaction. With our years of experience of constructing websites, we can assist our customers in understanding what strategy is needed for making their website to succeed in the long-term.

  1. Develop a Sound Social Marketing

Our team will also help you in developing a world-class Social Marketing strategy along with integrating social tools into your business website. This will help you in attracting more visitors from around the globe and hence earn more profit.

  1. Website Maintenance Services

After the successful development of the website, our team keeps a close look at its long-term performance to avoid any technical issues. While our web development services include measures to preclude any major website issues, our web support and maintenance team will always be there to help you when any issues appear. Through regular inspections, tracking systems and maintenance, our engineers monitor the issues or slowdowns on your website and are immediately at service to mitigate those issues to ensure continuous service delivery. In addition to this, RG Web Design Company also offer extended support options to modify or expand any features of your website as per your company’s needs over time.