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Web Development is referred to as the art of designing and developing a website for the Internet (as world wide web) or for the intranet (as a private network). It is inclusive of designing as simple as a single page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications such as social network services, web apps, and electronic services, etc. We are the best web design company in Sri Lanka whose true aim is to provide the business companies with the benefits of having an excellent web page. Our team of freelance web designers in Sri Lanka work collectively for the very same purpose.

Web Designing is important in order to gain the trust of the audience, to make a permanent customer base and for being the best amongst the competitors however there are certain elements that are needed to be incorporated within your web design which is as follows:

Solid Navigation

Quick and easy navigation to information on the website is preferable by the audience. A visitor’s attention span is short and hence, it is necessary that a website has a proper navigation bar which can direct them easily to the information they require. If the navigation is poor, then you will discourage your audience from sticking onto your page. Web design in Sri Lanka claims that the navigation should be simple and self-explanatory. It should include broad headings which are inclusive of numerous subheadings so that the audience can have easy access to the information they desire.

Responsive Design

With the expansion of technology, people currently have access to a number of devices like smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Hence, the audience should have a positive experience while accessing the website through an interface if you want the audience to remain on your site. The responsive design of the website ensures that the leads are having a positive experience while using your site irrespective of the device being used by them.

Purposeful Visuals

Studies say that the customers are 10 times more likely to interact in a video than through a text. Due to this many business companies have found it essential to incorporate strong visuals on their website. Adding too many photos and videos on the site may clutter the site and make it problematic for the audience to read. Therefore, a proper balance is to maintain between the textual information and the images on the page in order to get success with your website.

Good Copy

The audience accesses your website in order to get important information. Therefore, it is essential that while incorporating information on your webpage, you write quality copy. A good copy writeup ensures that the audience is engaged on the website for a longer period of time. Also, the alignment of writing should be in line with the consistency of the webpage.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Having a well-designed CTA button will make your audience to proceed further onto the next step. Once your website has leads, you would want them to guide towards the process of converting. The key element for this process is Call-to-Action Button. The design of web page plays an important who you are trying to get your leads to act. For instance, if your web page has a CTA button of the color scheme of black, red, white, gray and yellow, then a yellow CTA button would stand out of all the colors on the webpage and attract the attention of your customers and this would ultimately result in getting better results on your page.

Page Speed

Page Speed is one of the most important elements of the webpage. Its function is to ensure that the audience gets easy and fast access to the information on the web page. Slow loading pages aren’t desirable by the audience. If the webpage takes too long to load, then there are chances that your audience might lose interest in the page and head on to some other competitor’s page. The speed of the page can be evaluated through the means of Google Page Speed Insights.

Style Guide

Maintaining consistency across the website is important. Through consistency, the audience can formulate brand recognition and hence, can keep themselves engaged on the webpage for a longer duration of time. Through this, the chances for the conversion of the audience are higher. The definite style guide of the web page also makes it easier for the audience to work on it and add elements to it by referring to your style guide. Your style guide defines the look of your website. The color, format, and typography of the web page formulate the style guide of the webpage. The web designers in Sri Lanka believe that the consistent design of the website helps in creating a cohesive website.

The success of a company, big or small is highly determined by how it presents itself in the market. The web designers here are determined to help you keep up with the growing competition in the internet and intranet world. We hold the expertise in creating webpages for all fields of work, be it travel, food, cosmetics, law, construction, etc. Different packages are available at different price rates from which you can opt for depending on the nature of business. At RG Web Design Sri Lanka, our aim is to develop creative and catchy websites which are featured with the latest technologies and the best design layouts which will make you stand out of the rest.

For more information about web design and WordPress web development services, you can drop us an email to info@rgwebdesignlanka.com