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cPanel Web Hosting in Sri Lanka

cPanel based web hosting is the most common hosting type as well as the cheapest web hosting avaialble in today's world. cpanel running server is a linux based system and generally the overhead costs for the server is leser than maintaining a windows based plesk server. Also if your planning to use a wordpress or any kind of open source platform based system. Always try to use a cpanel based server instead of a windows server to avoid unnecessary headache's !

What I should look for when getting a cpanel server ?

Firstly identify the type of website your going to do or going to get done with a web designer or a web developer. If it is just a html website with 10-20 images, then 50-100mb would be more than enough for you. If you need more space and possibly running a database driven system, then atleast look for 250mb space.

Then try to figureout, if your going to use a coorporate level email ( recommended ) or just a free email account. The reason is, if your going to user web mail accounts then you would need a larger space for your emails ( Tip : Try to use outlook or thunderbird with pop3 settings. So even with 50mb, you will not have any problem with your emails account and server. ).

Then you should make sure that the web host is very helpful ( not in email configuration but if any problem arise on server end. Please keep in mind that email configuration is not part of web host or web hosting company. So non of them will offer free configurations ), uptime of server, server speed ( Now a days SSD'd driven servers are available. So do not go for very low speed very cheap hdd driven servers ! ) and also make sure the host has at least 1 week of backups.

Whare can I get hosting for my website ?

If you get the html website or a wordpress website done with me, you can get 250mb space cpanel with 1GB bandwidth free for the first year ( Offered On request only ). Then yearly renewal is only USD 65. You can choose either hosting from R G Web Design or other service provider directly.

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