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This is the most popular web hosting which helps to manage Linux-based hosting services. It’s an online control panel used to manage daily administrative work such as creating and handling emails accounts and their passwords and helps you with tasks such as forwarding emails. Plus, it uploads and manages files, creates backups for files on your website and security measures.

For Individuals & Startup's

For Small Businesses

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For Corporate Businesses

As you can see this is a great solution for your small business because it has a easy Graphic User Interface which allows managing all these tasks in a very easy way for users, plus, it has several characteristics that cover all parts needed on web hosting, such as security, app installation and file management.

What can we offer you if you choose cPanel web hosting ?

As a team of professionals dedicated to a quality service in web design in Sri Lank we can help you by offering this cPanel web hosting features:

  • Managing FTP accounts: File Transfer Protocol allows users to manage every single aspect of files on the server. Therefore, it allows you to upload, download, delete and move files on the server.
  • Database support: cPanel is supported by MySQL / MariaDB Databases, which provide a very high supported and strong database management system.
  • Add on multiple domains: cPanel web hosting allows you to add from 3 to unlimited domains and subdomains depending on the plan you choose to buy.
  • Email managing: it offers millions of ways to manage your email accounts. It allows you to create as many email accounts as you want, regardless of the plan you buy and unlimited disk space. It provides a list of email users for forwarding emails easier and provides a security control that erases for good all those unrequested spam emails.
  • AW Stats: cPanel allows you to check the number of visitors you have on your website.
  • Softaculous scripts: cPanel gives you the option of automating app install with just one click. You can install over 400 apps by using this tool in a second.
  • Cloudflare Supported : cPanel gives you access to an optimizer web page delivery, so your website will be both secured and work faster.

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