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Why Website Navigation Is Important? – Web Design in Lanka Tips

Website navigation is a lot more than just telling online users about what content your website has and where they can find that information. Popular search engines use your site’s navigation to decide your website’s ranking in their search results, which means navigation affects your website visibility, traffic, and conversion rate. The way you arrange your menu and how you name the items both have a substantial effect on your site’s usability and how it performs in the search engine results. Our team at RG Web Design can give you the best navigation features and we are the best website design company in Sri Lanka. Here are a few points that will explain why navigation is important when it comes to your website development:

  1. It helps the users and search engines find the information on your website

If your website visitors can’t find the information they are looking for quickly and easily, they might not stay around on your website for too long. When you simply put a label, for example, ‘Services’, it doesn’t tell a visitor much about what services you are offering. Most people don’t like to get into the sub-navigation to find out the services you provide for your clients. Sub-navigation refers to the navigation that helps the users in accessing sub-categories in your website’s information design. Users must be able to find the information on your website with as little effort as possible.

However, when you put a more descriptive label, for example, for your services like ‘SEO Marketing or Display Advertising’, it tells visitors precisely about what you do. That way, you can use sub-navigation to itemize the categories into the specific services you are providing. Using descriptive labels also help the search engines find your website based on relevance.

  1. Try to avoid dropdown menus as they can be more damaging than helpful

When you browse through websites, you must have found that most websites use dropdown menus to share more information about their main labels. But the way you format your menu, it can do more damage than helping your website. First, it might be difficult for search engines to find the right information based on how everything is programmed on your website. Dropdowns can also irritate your website visitors as it might take time for them to find what they are looking for on your site. It can be said their eyes move faster than their mouse and fingers.

What you can do is use a mega drop menu. This type of menu utilizes a dropdown format. However, rather than putting it as a general list, it provides users many categorized choices. A mega menu is prompted when you hover the cursor over a link or defined area. This menu displays all options in one chief, mega-panel and assembles connected topics into categories.

You can use clear and concise labels to correctly classify your categories. However, if you have a small website with fewer pages, it would be better to avoid dropdown menus completely.

  1. Put fewer menu items on the home page and keep things in order

When you have too many links on your home page navigation, it can result in issues that could harm your website ranking and make it come across as a less user-friendly website. With too many links, your visitors might become confused and overwhelmed, and might lose interest in your webpages. They might not want to go deeper into navigation, looking for the information they want. RG Web Design Sri Lanka is known for its best SEO Sri Lanka and our SEO consultant Sri Lanka would make sure that your website always makes it in the top search engine results.

Furthermore, keeping order is important when you are shaping your website’s navigation. Items placed at the start and end of a list are more noticeable and users might remember them more as compared to the items in the middle. Find out what attracts users most to your website and determine the categories that are the most popular or important. Then put them at the start of your navigation to draw in more visitors.

  1. Do not forget mobile-friendly navigation

Since mobile users are increasing every day, it would not be surprising to know that more than 50% of total internet users are using mobile to access the internet. Thus, website developers are focusing more on creating mobile-friendly versions of websites or more like responsive web designs. This also makes it equally important to have responsive site navigation. Web designers are using ‘hamburger’ consisting of three small, horizontal lines, in their mobile-friendly sites. When users click on this ‘hamburger’ icon, it reveals the menu. By adding the word ‘Menu’ along with the icon, you can also make it easier for visitors to locate the menu.