Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Personal or Business Website ?


WordPress is the most popular and best modern content management system (CMS) which is used as the platform for over 75 million websites. It is faster to install, upgrade and deploy with the help of a web designer.

Numerous extensions can be installed, and design ideas can be used with flexible and simple interfaces reducing the cost of development and time required. Furthermore, WordPress has the largest CMS share of the market so far, ranging over a quarter of all the websites. It is the best and most user-friendly system to build a website with. A survey of the top 1 million domains by W3Tech shows that 59% of websites used WordPress. It has great room for expansion and updates.

With high customizability, it offers you great flexibility to update your site with personalized changes to the existing design as required (with the help of a  web designer). Being extremely user-friendly, it is not necessarily limited only to the developers. Even the non-tech-savvy ones can easily get used to the CMS and learn how to use WordPress functions. Bloggers and people who need to update their sites on a regular basis need not depend on developers for every single update or post. You can customize your own post and page content (Text, Videos, and Images) at your free will once the site is all set up and ready, which is best done by developers.

You might want to have your site built and set up by a professional web designer for a cleaner finish and desired results and learn your way around it for simple modifications. The setup cost is higher than static websites but does not cost much for content updates (as you can update posts and pages by yourself without the help of a web designer). In comparison with other CMS like Joomla or Drupal, WordPress is better and easy to use. It is also easier for you to find WordPress developers and designers for customization and further development in the future if required. Tweaking your website after initial development is not too hard when it is built using WordPress as it is not a labyrinth of codes like other systems which will put you on lockdown and higher your costs. In addition, here are some major reasons why you should choose WordPress over others.

1. Can be used for most types of websites

WordPress can be used for most of the individual, small business, or cooperate websites with modern designs and functionality making it the ideal first choice for any kind of business activity.

2. Easily customizable

The majority of the people using WordPress are self-employed individuals or small businesses. The specialty of WordPress is that you need not to have any prior knowledge in web designing or development to update content. It is the perfect solution as it is extremely user-friendly making it very easy to customize. It comes with a lot of panels which allow you to change the text, images, or your website as you desire. Using custom coding, you can also add further functionality to your WordPress website which will give you advanced features like contact forms, membership sign-ups, analytics and further on. It transforms your website into a whole new platform with its extra functionality.

3. SEO Friendly

It is madding using high-quality standard compliance codes which produce semantic markup. In simpler words, it makes it easier for your site to show up on search engines like Google. This is why businesses which choose WordPress for their websites have a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines than the others not using WordPress. It is SEO friendly and comes with SEO plugins for your website which will enable you to optimize your website more for better results. (Although it is SEO friendly, you will need an SEO professional service to rank higher in search engines as ranking depends on various factors)

4. Secure

WordPress being developed with security in concern is surely one of the reliable and secure platforms to run a website on. Though the internet is an uncertain place, WordPress offers the best chance of safety than other platforms. Many intruders and cyber attackers try to hack into several sites and get their hands on them. However, with a good web developer and a reliable web hosting company, you can secure your website properly, shutting all possible cyber-attacks out. Brute force attacks and malware is commonly prevalent, but you can keep your website safe with a proper foundation. (This does not mean that it is hacker proof, but it is more secure than other platforms. Most of the issues arise due to outdated core files, extensions, and vulnerabilities in a web host. So keeping them up to date will be the best option).

5. Easy To Manage

It comes with a built-in system which handles updates which enables you to update your core files simply within your admin dashboard on your website. WordPress keeps updating on a regular basis for more efficient and better results, and you will get notified when it does. You need not to worry about the updates as you can simply update with a click of a button (consult your web designer before making updates for the first time as some may have custom codes that may ruin your design). Furthermore, you can also manage your website using your mobile phone! You can use the WordPress mobile app to manage your website.

6. Handles Different Types Of Media

Your WordPress website is not just limited to text. It comes with in-built media manager and uploader which assists you with images, video and audio files. You can also embed videos from YouTube, posts from Facebook, tweets from Twitter, posts from Instagram and so on! Most social media content can be embedded on to your site, making it easier for your visitors to keep in touch with your business or you on social media. It is extremely useful for bloggers and small businesses as it increases their connectivity and followers. Musicians can also add their Soundcloud audio onto their websites. It can be done just by pasting the URL of their Soundcloud audio onto WordPress post editor. It will automatically fetch your audio. With such flexibility and features, WordPress stands as the best choice for any personal or business website.

7. Mobile Friendly

Search engines like Google are penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly. They are simply ranked lower on the search result page which drastically drops their visitor count. However, with WordPress, you need not to worry about your site not being visible. It is easily accessible and adapts well on tablets and smartphones which is a big plus. Many users are always on the go, and if you really do want your site to get the best results in the modern world, it is best when it is mobile friendly.

8. Easy Support

If you want to update your website content and if you are clueless or lost, you need not to worry. There are millions of sources found online. A simple Google search for the error or problem you are facing will pull you all the necessary guides and tutorial videos which will aid you to resolve your problem (or you can simply contact your web designer).

9. Hosting

Most of the popular hosts provide support for WordPress (cpanel based servers are recommended for WordPress based websites).
If you want to change your current host, there is very little to zero downtime when you decide to switch your hosting provider for your WordPress site. WordPress CMS is available with all web hosts making it a very simple and easy process. It is not complex to move your website to one server to another. WordPress CMS makes your migration process easy.

10. Multiple Users

If you are not a one-man show, you need not to worry. You can assign different roles to different people and grant them access to your site. You can also keep a tab on what they are doing and what changes are made to your site by them. You can give them various roles which WordPress provides which limit their privileges and authority over the site.

Types of websites built using WordPress

WordPress can be used in numerous ways, and it helps you build simple websites to complex eCommerce marketplaces. You can build your business online and put all your products and services available online for your visitors using WordPress. Most frequent types of websites built using WordPress are,

  • Personal Website

If you are planning on building a personal website, to showcase your information or your services, WordPress is the best choice. You can frequently update it with your current projects or new accomplishments swiftly.

  • Blogs

WordPress initially started as a simple blogging platform and soon evolved into the most powerful and used CMS. With WordPress, blogging has become sophisticated and polished making it more mature. There are plenty of tools which will aid your blog and help it grow.

  • Business Website

If you are building a website to represent your business online, this is your best choice. As mentioned earlier, being extremely user-friendly, it helps your business to be up to date with new contents. You can grow your business over the horizons with a well-built site which showcases your business and its products online.

  • e-Commerce Website

If you are looking to sell your products or items online, it can be done too with a WordPress based e-commerce system developed with the help of an e-commerce designer. You can simply upload the picture of your product/service and add additional content about it making it easy for your visitors online. You can also integrate online payment option which is easier for your visitors to make a purchase and for you to keep track of your orders. This will not only get your business streamlined but make it easier for you to expand your business and not be restricted to any geographic location. It also opens up a whole new market of an online audience.

  • Job Board

Recruitment companies and HR consultancies prefer WordPress as it is easier to update with a job vacancy. They need not depend on a developer every time a vacancy shows up. After the initial development, they can update the necessary details in the admin dashboard which is very easy.

  • Business Directory

Just like Job Boards, you can list various businesses on the web which is of high demand. WordPress business directory plugins extensions/custom coding enable you to create a business directory.

  • Q&A Website

Create your own version of Quora and Yahoo Answers using WordPress. If you are conducting a survey or collecting data, you can simply build a question and answers site which will do the data collection for you.

  • Non-Profit Website

Non-profit organizations are usually working on a tight budget as they have bigger goals for a greater good in focus. You can build a relatively affordable WordPress website which displays information about your organization and its cause making it easier for the online audience to connect with you.

  • Portfolio Website

If you are a Freelancer who is involved in Graphic designing, video editing, content writing or other such services, your best chances of getting clients are with a good portfolio. You can easily add and update your portfolio to your WordPress.

A few more websites best built using WordPress are,

  • Online Community
  • Coupon Websites
  • Auction Websites
  • Wiki Websites
  • Photography
  • School or College Institutions
  • Private Websites
  • Religious Websites

With a built-in user management system, it is compatible with almost every website requirement. However, if you are looking to build a much complex web system like reservation or booking system, it is better built from scratch rather than using WordPress. It has a strong following all around the world. Developers are often locked in non-user-friendly sites which is never the case with WordPress. Unlike other platforms, it is easy to maintain and have complete control over your website with additional privileges. Hopefully, this has helped answer your question, “Why to choose WordPress?”