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As a web design company in Sri Lanka we create ecommerce solutions using woocomerce as well. Woocommerce is an extension that works with wordpress where this enhance wordpress core features in a way so that the system behaves as a shopping cart. We add a creative design and extra functionality needed for a ecommerce web solution to function smoothly.

Is woocommerce better than opencart ? well if we compare woocommerce with opencart, latter ecommerce solution would be the winner considering the amount of functionality it has. Opencart is a readymade ecommerce platform compared to wordpress based solution by woocommerce. So for whom this wordpress based ecommerce solution is ideal for ? well, the solutions is ideal for companies that prefer to work with wordpress . Also for companies and individuals that have good knowledge about wordpress. So does woocommerce ideal for enterprise level ecoomerce platforms ? well it is ideal for small to medium companies but it is not very ideal for large companies that will be working with many products and specially customer data.

Is woocommerce better than magento ? well, price wise woocommerce would win the race but for extra functionality magento would be much better. Only thing is magento is quiet expensive when it needs more features or needs it to be scaled to suit your requirements.

How is the market demand and usage of woocommerce ? it is quiet popular and has a good market share but it is always better to see what sort of a requirement you will have when planning to have a website running with ecommerce.

What are the negative aspects of this opensource solution ? Woocommerce tends to have certain plugins which may be costly to be added from third parties or to create such plugins. E.g is the eway payment gateway plugin for woocommerce is around usd 70 per domain but same plugin or similer once exists for opencart at zero cost or at around 20-30 dollars. So these are things that you will have to consider when planning to use this solution. Remember though wordpress dominates the cms world, woocommerce does act as an extra functionality enhancer but not a readymade or “created specifically for ecommerce” type solutions but it is a good solution as long as you have a good understanding of what it could do and cannot do as well as where to keep more budget reserved for.

Does R G Web design company in Sri Lanka offer woocomerce? We develop shopping cart solutions using woocommerce, opencart, mangento and also customized php/mysql based solutions. We recommend opencart for most stable online shopping solutions but we are open for your preferred platform as well ( as long as it could support your dream shopping cart )

Does R G offer hosting for woocommerce and is it woocommerce ready hosting ? We recommend R G business package for stable woocommerce solutions but if you have more traffic, it would be ideal to use one of our vps or a dedicated server solution. You could read more about our hosting packages if you visit the web hosting section.

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