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RG Web Design Sri Lanka is a reputed website design company in Sri Lanka dedicated to creating beautiful websites which are aesthetically appealing, highly functional and aim to provide a quality user experience. We have experienced professionals who have been a part of the industry for a long time, which makes them knowledgeable in web development, design and graphics. Additionally, we also have content writers and SEO analysts who provide quality content which can improve your website ranking on search engines.

A lot of our customers find it easier to get a project completed from us because of the ease with which everything is handled. As a leading web development agency, we ensure that we are your one-stop shop for all requirements related to your website. From web hosting to web design, our team handles all of it and ensures exceptional quality in every project.

If you are looking for web developers in Sri Lanka, then we have the best of them in our team. We guarantee timely completion of our projects and ensure that progress on the project is promptly communicated to you so that you are also a part of the journey right from the beginning of the project to its completion. In doing so, we can receive your inputs and make necessary changes wherever required. As a result, the project reflects your insights and your perspective as much as it shows the hard work of our team.

Whether you want to create a website for travel or if you are looking for construction web design Sri Lanka, our experts will perfectly handle all your requirements. While building a website, we keep several factors in mind. The design is not just meant to appeal to the audience but also to ensure that you get adequate conversions out of it.

Some of the features that we provide to our customers in their websites are:

  1. Integrated Blog

A lot of our clients want an integrated blog which can be accessed by their customers directly from the website. Not only is it easier to manage once the website is handed over to our client, but it is also more accessible for the users and can improve SEO for the website.

  1. Social media integration

Since social media has become very powerful when it comes to getting word about your business to a larger audience, social media integration makes it possible for your website to share content easily with others. Your customers and you can use the social media buttons to share content and attract more audience.

  1. E-commerce platform

Many users are beginning to look for e-commerce platforms where they can sell products. This feature must be set up properly to work in concert with the rest of the website and to ensure smooth buying for the customers. In most cases, e-commerce requires a lot of tweaking of the website to ensure compatibility with all the elements.

  1. E-mail opt-in forms

E-mail marketing has consistently been one of the most effective methods of online marketing. Even till this day, it continues to drive higher ROI and provides a significant amount of conversion. This is why many of our customers look for this option. We can place the email opt-in form strategically on your website to get more people to take action. 

  1. Other customized forms

Depending on the kind of business your website will be used for, or the services that you offer through the website, several other customized forms can be added to your website. From forms that allow customers to show an estimate of a product or service to forms that take information and send it to your email address, we can place these forms on your website to improve customer experience. 

  1. Payment gateway

An e-commerce website will need a payment gateway through which payments can be received securely. For a website to operate a payment gateway properly, we must make sure that it is set up for a secure connection and the whole process of payment and check out is user-friendly for your customers. 

  1. Website analytics

As a website design company in Sri Lanka focused on providing excellent services, we try to provide our customers with adequate tools to help them manage the website effectively once it is launched. This includes Webmaster tools and other important tools like Google Analytics that can help you easily track your audience behavior. It can also provide important insight for you to increase conversions.

There are lots of other features like responsive design, adding a gallery, and retina support, which we keep in mind while building a website. Talk to us to know more about our services.