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Web Design Sri Lanka – Tips for Creating a Travel Website

People have this mindset about a travel website – cluttered and unclear! Horrifically this is true. Nevertheless, a minimalistic focus can easily get you an aesthetically designed website for the travel industry. You would need guidance with it though and we can help you in this venture. Our company helps in designing a variety of websites, including travel web design Sri Lanka. We ensure to provide you with enthralling services by creating an exceptional travel website for you.

Simple and travel don’t get along together, which makes it quite challenging to create a minimalistic travel website. Travel sites require several images of the hotels and the rooms, food, activities, surroundings, places to visit, etc. Then there are reservations, list of amnesties provided, rates, policies and more. Considering so many factors, one could expect a noisy travel website. But our web design company in Sri Lanka has come up with unique ideas to deal with this problem.

  1. Using Content Block

Contain blocks are flexible and can contain text, video, images, pricing table, signature, small animations and more. They are presented in the form of collage, grid, or stagger. These blocks make navigation super easy. Each content block gives access to a dedicated site or page. They help to highlight your brand values. You can make the blocks with images or text for an overview of what you are offering to the visitors. This helps in keeping the visitor engaged. Browsing through the blocks reveals each topic such as – stay, dine, fun, shop, swim, etc. This helps them to understand how their stay is going to be. The content blocks allow content display, discovery and navigation is a chic way. It is truly flexible and multipurpose that helps in designing a functional and clean design.

  1. Full-Screen Images are Totally Worth it

The quality of the images uploaded cannot be compromised at any cost. It is a crucial element in the digital experience you provide to the visitors looking forward to traveling to that place. Large and high-quality images entice the travelers and trigger the essence of enthusiasm in them. It helps them feel the fun that they are yet to experience on their trip. Images are also a storytelling tool when used wisely. However, the web designer should ensure the images are selected carefully because this will help in reducing the text, which in turn gives a clean look to the interface. The text should be short and sweet, big and bold yet not overpowering to the eyes. Simple narrative and white background pages throw out the beauty of the images used. Our practiced employees in travel web designing Sri Lanka have profound knowledge in striking a balance between pictures, text, font and colors. You can rely on us to create the most striking travel website for your business.

  1. Subdued Colours and Fonts

Using muted fonts and colors can create a clean interface travel website. Using white with shades of pale mint green, blue or grey make the screen quite navigable, especially on busy pages like the city guide page or flight/train/bus reservation page. Understated or subdued colors are quite easy to read. All important information or call-to-action buttons can be written in darker colors. This helps in grabbing the attention of the reader.

  1. Transparency

Creating a travel website using transparency can give you excellent results provided the technique has been used properly. It is an effect created when an image, color block, or text is faded, giving it a diluted effect and revealing what is behind it. With proper execution, the effects can be stunning. The web designer needs to create the right contrast that will help in establishing a focal point with color over the image or image over the text etc. Transparency results in a light interface. One can see an image and read the text and vice-versa without any obtrusion – two birds with one stone! two elements on a single page yet separate and clear. Transparency can help you achieve a refines look for your travel website. Yet it is a tricky feature that requires skills; skills that we are willing to share with you.

Creating a good travel website requires expertise and our company for web design Sri Lanka has a team of professional web designers that have ample experience in designing travel websites. We assure to provide you with an incomparable travel website.